Publications:2018 Amendments to Saipan Zoning Law of 2013


Following are the Articles of the Saipan Zoning Law of 2013 which will be affected by some changes.  The staff will be uploading other Articles with changes as soon as they become ready, as well as providing you with any further updates on additional changes throughout the month of October.
Please click on any of the Articles below to view the changes being proposed to the texts of the Saipan Zoning Law of 2013.  The changes are highlighted in 'red' and 'blue'. We invite you to share your comments by posting it below, or by submitting to our office on the 2nd floor of Joeten Dandan Commercial Building.   Your comments shall be focused on the proposed changes, or on any changes you may wish for the Board and staff to consider for the benefit of our island, our people, and the entire Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. 

Thank you, Si Yuus Ma'ase, Ghilisow



Article 1. Abbreviations and Definitions

Article 2.  Applicability, Interpretation, and Construction

Article 4.  Zoning Districts and Allowable Uses

Article 5.  Zoning Districts purposes & requirements

Article 6.  General Development Requirements

Article 7.  Conditional Uses

Article 9.  Parking & Road Access

Article 10. Signs & Lighting

Article 11. Land Development & Subdivision

Article 12. Nonconformities & Public Nuisances

Article 13. Application Processes & Decision Procedures


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