Notices & Events:Public Notices

The Commonwealth Zoning Board works hard to fullfill its responsibilities of community outreach and education. The Board and staff are dedicated to assisting the public with understanding the zoning law and providing timely information about activities or developments within its jurisdiction.


Public notices are posted on an as-needed basis; check often for updates.


Following are published articles for the Commonwealth Zoning Board and Office:

1.  Nuisance Abatement and Blighted Property Maintenance Act of 2013:

2.  Zoning's Budget:

3.  Conditional Use Hearings for Grip, LLC & Tasi Homes Development Inc.:

4.  House passes "Nuisance Abatement and Blighted Properties Maintenance Act of 2013" (February 25, 2014):

5.  SNILD approves rezone for Surfrider LLC and Chalan Kanoa properties (February 27, 2014):

6.  New Board member, Joe Ayuyu, Jr.(February 28,2014):

7.  Joe Ayuyu Jr. takes oath as new Zoning Board member (February 28, 2014):

8.  Zoning Board approves Conditional Use applications (March 10, 2014):

9.  Crematory Business withdraws rezone application (April 8, 2014):

10.  Gov. Inos approves Tourist Resort rezone in Chalan Kanoa (April 8, 2014): ;

11.  More than 45 attend outreach in Kagman (May 7, 2014):

12. Saipan Delegation confirms Balajadia & Sablan to Zoning Board (May 16, 2014):

13.  Senate fails to act on "Nuisance Abatement and Blighted Properties Maintenance Act of 2013" (May 30, 2014):

14.  Zoning approves Hotel project in Garapan (6/9/14):

15.  Zoning approves split parcel rezone to Village Commercial (6/10/14):

16.  Diamond Water's transfer to Gualo Rai disapproved by Board (6/10/14):

17.  Zoning membership complete (6/11/14):

18.  Zoning approves rezoning of property next to Aqua Resort Club (6/13/14):

19:  Zoning asks Saipan Zipline to comply (7/15/14):

20:  Governor commends Gus Kaipat, Zoning Board (8/15/14):

21.  Zoning awaiting Senate action on HB 18-71 to address dilapidated buildings (8/20/14):

22.  Zoning approves operation of trikes (light aircrafts) in Marpi (8/25/14):

23.  Zoning Board approves aquaculture farm in Capitol Hill (8/26/14):

24:  Unpermitted construction projects (8/27/14):

25.  Zoning approves Zipline in Marpi: